At the end of 1960, I was all set to emerge from National Service and resume my research career at the MRC Applied Psychology Unit in Cambridge, with the general idea of examining what is these days called “Artificial  Intelligence.”


[ I have very few rules in life, but one of them is:–  Always say ‘Yes’.]

SUPERCAR, with pilot Mike Mercury

The snag was that the screenplays had to be written at the rate of one every week, for the next half year.   A single writer, Hugh pointed out, couldn’t undertake such a work load . . .   

Would I like to join him as soon as I had handed in my uniform?

1960-62 : the Supercar years

Avengers 1

So, together, we made Lew Grade his first overseas million dollars, after doing which we got fired  in order to save his film company money.

He had been asked to write 26 half-hour TV episodes for a new children’s adventure series.   It was going to be made using puppets, and was to be called “SUPERCAR”.

(Unless you’re a girl,
I suppose.)

. . .  Six weeks before being demobilised, I got a phone call from my younger brother Hugh .  .  .