(Photographs courtesy of ABC Television)

John Carson and Patrick McNee in

“Second Sight”

( the first blind villain, I believe . . . )

do recall the  evening we all spent in a  Thames-side pub deciding, with no dissent, that the sexual fantasies of the average middle-class Englishman included being dominated by a beautiful woman, clad preferably in leather. Sidney Newman, who was senior producer at ABC television at the time, was doubtful about this concept but Verity Lambert, who later went on to be the youngest -- and the first female -- TV producer at the BBC, agreed with us and, well, that’s how  things happened the way they did. . . .

Avengers 2

When I ran across them in 1962, “THE AVENGERS” were two blokes, Patrick McNee and  Ian Hendry.

But Ian had just just quit the series - I think he saw himself as suited to more serious roles - and the creative people at ABC Television were wondering where to go next.  I can’t recall exactly where the notion of “the female lead who wasn’t just a fashion accessory to the story”  sprang from,  but I

Honor Blackman