As a foreword:-  I have (intentionally) designed this site a little unusually, so as to resemble a book.  Its page-screens need no scrolling.  You just “turn the pages” as you would with a book, using the navigation buttons provided. (Please keep the display area as uncluttered with toolbars as possible, and  ‘allow blocked content’ if you’re prompted – this will show the buttons  properly as you move the cursor over them.)

Here, though, things are the same as always on the Web, except that you don’t need to scroll.      I hate scrolling.    We don’t have to scroll books, do we?     No.    We just turn the page, right?


As you will see, some of the pages here are shown graphically as though they were indeed being displayed on an electronic reading device, the LIGHTBOOK, which it’s the purpose of this site to present.  On the LIGHTBOOK itself, page turning is done differently — simply by way of  a button-press, as we shall show later.

A book, rather than a Web site