A Preview: “The Way Things Really Are”
The Way Things Really Are
Martin Woodhouse
       The Enlightenment has taught us to reason, rather than prostrate ourselves before received authority.    We know the earth wasn’t created over a six-day period a few thousand years ago.  We know the bible is a gorgeous piece of poetry, not a divine repository of factual knowledge. We know about atoms and molecules, and we even have (if perhaps vaguely) a nodding acquaintance with quarks and black holes.    
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Philosophy - Archie
      I think we’ve heard a great deal too much from the Rational Atheists in recent years.  It’s time to give God and the human soul a fair crack of the whip, especially since materialism can easily be shown to be mere clever nonsense.   
     What we‘re most heartily fed up with is being told, by stalwarts of the Enlightenment such as Professors Richard Dawkins and Victor Stenger, that ‘Science Shows That God Does Not Exist,’  and that to suggest differently is not merely wrong, but wrong-headed.
      We are not deluded fantasists dealing in wish-fulfilment.
How the New Atheism got it all wrong
     I am writing this book for all those people who, along with myself, would like to believe in such old-fashioned things as God, the human soul, and heaven, without also being compelled to believe ─ like the Queen in Alice in Wonderland ─ in six impossible things before breakfast.
It’s likely that there are more of us than is often supposed.
         I am doing this ─ as someone who built a Logical Truth Computer half a century ago ─ with no appeal whatever to any kind of revealed truth, but rather by the use of the tools employed by science itself.   That is to say, through observing facts, drawing logical and probabilistic conclusions, and making proposals which are strictly rational, are economical in explanation, and which conflict neither with the facts observed, nor with good sense.